1The Miracle Pen is a professional teeth whitening tool that utilizes the same FDA approved materials used by Dentist offices worldwide at a far greater price.  This handy device fits in your pocket or purse and can remove stubborn stains that occur from coffee, tea, soda, wine, tobacco, and more, to maintain a beautiful, white smile.

2Simply brush the surface of your teeth with the Miracle Pen (apply generously the first time), let it foam up, and leave on for approximately 15 minutes and try to smile to avoid wiping off the gel (good practice). No eating, smoking, drinking or talking while the treatment is in progress.  After your treatment, avoid eating/drinking anything (that might stain a white t-shirt) for the next 24 hours so the pores of your enamel will close and seal in your beautiful, white teeth. The Miracle Pen works to whiten your teeth and remove stains without tooth sensitivity experienced by using other imitation teeth whitening products.


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