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The Miracle Pen is great! It's so convenient to take with you and so easy to use on the go. You can see your teeth getting whiter right away!


It is super convenient, any place you go you can whiten your teeth and it comes out white. Go try it for yourself!

Gabrielle Forman   

I can not believe how much whiter my teeth look after using this teeth whitening pen. It is great that I can take it with me wherever I go,the more I use it the whiter my teeth are getting: I would hughly say that this pen is well worth trying,it truely is a miracle

Marc Forman   

Works great saves a trip to the dentist!!! Worth getting..


Great product easy to use with amazing results. And quick delivery right to my office


Love it

James Goodwin   

The pen works great, you can see the results almost instantly! Its definitely worth it!!


OMG - amazing!!! Just get it don't waste any money at the dentist with those stupid high-priced gimmicks. This thing works and it works well. I thought it may be ok by far exceeded my expectations

Jimmy M   

I'm amazed by the results! Saves the trip to the dentist and the cost! Love it.


Great product! Easy to use and works great!

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